With Streetmates you can send
a quick note to your neighbours...

You don't need to be Facebook friends,
Streetmates keeps it casual.

Join your street together

Make a little community!

Entering your details will take you to the notice board for your street, and add you to your street's email list.


Not another social network.

What is this thing?
We create a little notice board and a group email address for the residents on your street.
I don't think my neighbours know about this yet?
Point them to streetmates.net, it takes 15 seconds and one click. Or just print this out and put it in their letterbox.
How much does this cost?
It's all free, although we'll probably put some ads on the notice boards to support the service.
Are you going to do something evil with my address information?
Nope. We want the world to be a better place, we think that building little communities and respecting people's privacy is important. Feel free to leave out your exact residence number in the sign-up form.
I'm just wondering...
Drop us an email and we'll sort it out straight away: hello@streetmates.net


Street mates! Make a little community